The Slazenger Wimbledon ball has been engineered to deliver the consistent performance characteristics demanded by the world's most prestigious tournament. The premium woven cloth is specially designed for championship play, using the finest wool to achieve a tighter weave giving increased durability and responsiveness.

The Wimbledon ball uses an exclusive Ultra Vis dye and patented application process, creating a ball that has optimum visibility for players and spectators. Using a patented Hydroguard technology, Slazenger have developed a cloth that repels up to 70% more water than a standard ball.


     - Brand: Slazenger

     - Ball Type: Boxes of balls

     - Tennis Court Surface: All Court

     - Ball Approval: ITF Approved, Tennis Australia Approved

     - Number of Balls: 72

Slazenger Wimbledon All Court Carton (18x4 Ball Cans)

GST Included