Introducing Head Lynx Tour! As a co-polyester monofilament this string will give you the control to attack the ball with your most powerful strokes. Designed with softening agents, Lynx Tour has a above average comfort and feel for a poly-based monofilament. In addition to being great for the experienced player who wants an arm-friendly monofilament, Lynx Tour is also a great "starter poly" for those new to polyester universe. Players looking for extra spin will appreciate the bite they get from this string's shaped profile. Intermediate and advanced players looking for predictable results on their most powerful strokes will love this one.



String Type: Co-polyester Monofilament

Key Characteristics: Precision, Control, Touch

String Gauge: 17G (1.25mm)

Colour: Champagne, Grey

Advantage:  Power and extra spin for intermediate to advanced players with above average comfort and feel

Head Lynx Tour

GST Included