Comprised of over 2000 individual fibers that are twisted and bonded together, Genesis Xplosion offers ultimate feel and comfort.


Promising gut-like performance at a significantly reduced cost, the string utilizes a special series of heating and cooling stages to achieve a very arm friendly string providing maximum elasticity for comfort and power. 


Xplosion undergoes a chemical treatment step to improve tension maintenance for longer lasting performance. A polyurethane elastomer resin is used to bind the fibers as well as a coating to make the string easy to string and enhance durability by lessening string friction.


This string is an ideal fit for players seeking the ultimate in arm comfort and playability.




- Construction: Polyamide multifilament

- Key Characteristics:  Comfort and Power
- String Gauge:

    - 16G (1.30mm)

- Colour: Natural

- Length: 200m/660ft

Genesis Explosion

GST Included